Magnus Shore Power

Magnus Shore Power Converters

We work with Magnus exclusively, choosing to sell only their converter products. 

They're the easiest to deal with, will deliver on-time (typically 5-weeks from order) and customize any unit to fit the space you have. Add to that, their service is 2nd to none - getting to the bottom of any problem quickly.

We can specify, provide and install Magnus Shore power & Clean-net converter systems providing a 'Turn-Key' shore power solution for any size yacht.

Product Line Up

  • SP100  Shore Power Converters (12-80KVA)
  • SP200  Shore Power Converters (80-800KVA)
  • CN200  CleanNet Converters (36-150KVA)
  • FC100  Simplified Converters for equipment for segregated buss
  • ES200  Energy Storage System
  • Custom cabinets to fit the space you have
  • World Class after-sales service and support

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