Custom built for your needs

Our Seatouch yacht automation system sets the standard for complete reliability, flexibility and total simplicity. 

Uniting programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) with touch screen displays our very own Seatouch GUI is renowned for its ease of use, clear presentation, and high value engineering information. 

Fitted to more than 20 superyachts in the last 16-years Seatouch enjoys a strong heritage, with pedigree to match these award winning yachts. 

Incorporating options such as back-lit, water proof button panels Seatouch has a solution for any electrical control challenge. Completely scale-able Seatouch brings is superyacht pedigree to any boat whatever its size or purpose.


+Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)

  • Industrial Heritage – 1970 to present day, almost 50-years of continuous improvement
  • Completely flexible – can take any input, or control whatever you like
  • Totally dependable – Failure rates of less than 0.05%
  • Cabling reduction – Custom layouts ensure data is harvested, or equipment controlled at source
  • Type Approved – By Lloyds Register, DNV-GL, ABS and all other major class societies.

+Touch Screens

  • Industrial Heritage – 1989 to present day, more than 25-years of development
  • Latest LCD screen technology – available in multiple sizes
  • LED backlighting - that automatically adjusts to ambient light levels
  • Rugged, cast-aluminium body, available in a range of colours
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to iPad / iPhone & Android devices
  • Type Approved – By Lloyds Register, DNV-GL, and all other major class societies.

+Seatouch GUI & PLC Software

  • Custom designed – Each system unique to your yacht
  • Simple Layouts – Clear symbols and icons locate the information you seek
  • One touch buttons – Where less than three taps get you anywhere in the system
  • Alarm History – Consolidated into a single list, time and date stamped
  • Quality Information – True engineering values build trust and reliance on the system
  • Established – Fitted to more than 20 super yachts over the last 16-years

+System Features

  • PLC & Screen Hardware offering long term support
  • Fully Redundant designs - zero single failure points
  • Version 6 Seatouch software & graphics (GUI)
  • Precise Fuel & Water capacities 
  • IPad / Android connectivity to on board devices.
  • Detailed main power and battery system metering
  • Adjustable clock
  • Graphical trending
  • BNWAS Incorporated
  • Can communicate with many engines, generators, systems and equipment
  • Commitment to LTS (long term support) for all new systems.

+How we work

  • We listen to your needs, then create a monitoring point list you can review
  • We design a PLC layout, that reduces cabling
  • We prepare a fixed price for your consideration
  • We then complete detailed design and offer sample screens for your acceptance
  • Customized Seatouch software is created and PLC cabinets manufactured
  • The entire system is tested, witnessed then shipped to you
  • We install the system on board to ensure accuracy and quality
  • We participate in commissioning with you until everyone trusts the system
  • We remain available long term providing support and improvements beyond our warranty obligations.

+Typical applications using Seatouch

  • Main switchboard generator & shore power coordination
  • Load shedding – peak load mitigation
  • Load bank and supplementary load application, exhaust soot burners
  • CPP – Controllable pitch propeller, engine and bridge controls
  • Hull doors and watertight openings
  • Bilge, sullage and ballast controls
  • Tank monitoring – Fuel, water and waste
  • Extensive hydraulic control, alarm and indication
  • Sail handling systems, winches and hoists
  • Proportional thrusters
  • Navigation light control and failure alarm
  • Decorative lighting control
  • Passarelle and side boarding ladder control
  • Ranch slider – Powered sliding door control
  • 130T Lifting keel on large sailing yachts
  • Data logging & trending
  • Custom engineering logs and watch keeping checklists
  • BNWAS – Bridge navigation watch alarm system
  • Remote monitoring – Proactive engineering


  • Bilge Flooding alarms
  • Navigation light control and failure alarm
  • CPP – Controllable pitch propellers
  • Decorative lighting control
  • Passarelle & side boarding ladders
  • Main switchboard PMS
  • Generator & shore power switching
  • Sail handling systems & winches
  • Load shedding – peak load reduction
  • Load bank Integration
  • Supplementary load, exhaust soot burners
  • Watertight doors
  • Deck openings & intruder alarm
  • Data harvesting from engines
  • Proportional thrusters
  • Fuel bunkering
  • Ballast Control
  • Custom solutions

PLC systems are the beating heart of modern vessels, saving countless hours for their crews, and providing assurance for their owners.

We work with many yachts in a general service capacity, and specifically with Seatouch. Our Seatouch system is currently being fitted to a number of large yachts, more modest pleasure boats, work-boats and passenger ferries. We are committed to being easy to work with, and seeing our systems operate flawlessly for many years without intervention.

Your next project is a fantastic opportunity to create a system in-keeping with today’s expectations of attractive, easy to use graphical displays.

Detailed equipment specifications, software examples and indicative pricing is available on request.