We pride ourselves on discipline, objectivity and accountability when carrying out electrical inspections. We inspect a variety of installations but specialize in boats.
As NZ registered Electrical Inspectors we carry out safety inspections and issue WoEF (Warrant of Electrical Fitness) for private boats up to 50m in length. This is a legal requirement if connecting to shore power in Australia & New Zealand. Visiting boats are exempt if they hold a current class certificate. Additionally we are Maritime NZ Recognised surveyors permitted to carry out electrical inspections for New Zealand registered ships.

Process & Legal
As inspectors we must provide you, our clients with an “ROI” (Record of Inspection). It is written evidence that the inspection was carried out as-per the applicable standards and Safety Regulations. Our ROI is transparent, detailed and supported by digital media such as photos and in some cases HD video. If you do not receive an ROI your inspection is not legal.

WoEF inspections on boats must be carried out as per Appendix C of AS/NZS 3004.2. This is a detailed examination of the entire AC & DC electrical installation, resulting in a 6-page ROI (Record of Inspection), and a much safer boat for you and your family to enjoy. Insist your WoEF inspection is done to Appendix C, ask for a copy of the ROI, and get the peace of mind you deserve.
Ensure that any electrical work on systems where the voltage is more than 120vDC or 50vAC is done by an registered electrician holding a Current Practicing Licence (CPL). This is the law and they will certify their work issuing you a Certificate of Compliance (COC) and Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC). Your electrician also needs to declare that the work was carried out to AS/NZS:3004.2. (the applicable standard for electrical systems on boats) on their COC. These compliance documents ensure you get the right person doing the right job, giving you peace of mind and value for money.
If your installation work, or WoEF inspections are not carried out to the current version of AS/NZS 3004.2 it may affect your insurance should disaster occur. A new version of this standard was published in 2014, and will become mandatory this year when sighted by the [revised] Electrical Safety Regulations. It has new requirements that all installers and inspectors need to be aware of.

Final Word
For any help or advice regarding your boats electrics please get in touch with Attest, we are more than happy to help after all its all about safety for you and your family!