Generator Controls

We're experts in Deif, Basler & Woodward control systems, fitted to many yachts built during the 2000’s. 

While this is ‘bullet-proof’ equipment it has many interconnections, and external adjustable set screws that have often not maintained original settings or integrities. As designers & builders familiar with this equipment we are able to set it up as-new. Chances are if you have CAT or Northern Lights or Kohler generators, we will know how to improve your situation.

Our Seatouch installations expose us to many contemporary generator control systems through dry contact and data communication interfacing. This keeps us abreast of today’s product and developments ensuring our experience remains relevant in this specialist and demanding field.

Our capabilities in this discipline are:

  • Resolution of issues in existing systems
  • Design & Build for upgrades to existing systems
  • New Main switchboards incorporating generator & shore supply seamless transfer
  • Integrated Power Management (PMS) via our Seatouch PLC's
  • Multi stage, automatic load shedding - reducing the need to run multiple generators
  • Load balancing of hydraulic pumps & with electrical demands on generator

Final Word
In a discipline that's often made too complicated by well meaning designers, we strive to produce simplified - yet feature rich designs that achieve Class compliance, and clients expectations. 

With capacity and passion to design, manufacture, program, commission and support these systems we can offer a one-stop-shop, so please let us know if your interested, or need some help.