60 Kw/H Lithium Battery System

Installation of 12 new Mastervolt MLI Batteries


Levante's existing version 1 Mastervolt Lithium batteries required replacement as two had failed and been removed leaving her short of battery capacity. Originally having 12x 4.4Kw version one cells - being down to 10 meant a capacity of only 44Kw/H. The result was the owners cabin air-conditioning consumed the battery bank by 5am, and required the generator to start - which woke the owner too early!

The Job

By fitting 12x new version 3 MLI's at 5.5Kw each increased the bank capacity to 66Kw/H - a gain of around 30% for the same space and weight! 

To oblige new warranties each pair of batteries connects to a separate contactor so the battery can disconnect itself from any load or charging condition outside of limits. A new battery switch panel was designed and built to accommodate these contactors, fuses and buss-bars. Existing Master-shunts could be removed as each MLI battery now has this built-in. The end result was simpler, and provided an opportunity to tidy and remove existing surplus wiring.

Paired with new Mastervolt engine alternators and Alpha-Pro III regulators all connected into the Masterbus network, this is a fantastic, modern and powerful battery system.

Our Scope

  • Evaluation of existing system
  • Specification of new system
  • Design and manufacture of new battery switching panel
  • Provision and installation of new MLI batteries and related equipment.
  • Commissioning and support.

Final Word

We trust the owner now gets a full nights sleep in air-conditioned, silent-ship comfort!

We look forward to working with Levente on her next visit and staying in touch as cruises the South Pacific and beyond.
Thank-you for having us aboard from all the team here at ATTEST! 

For any information on Mastervolt MLI battery systems please get in touch!